I would recommend yoga with Kierra to any expectant mum, I attended from 24 weeks with twins and learned some great breathing and relaxation techniques for labour and for keeping strength up at home!

I did my Golden Thread breath throughout my c-section just to keep me calm and it really helped.

Emma Smith

I loved my pregnancy yoga classes with Kierra, I attended from 20 weeks until 39weeks. It was calm, relaxing and I always felt more comfortable after a class. I was even able to use the breathing/relaxation techniques during labour. I would highly recommend these classes to anybody who is expecting a baby.

Sarah Howard

It was amazing to work with Kierra. She has an excellent yoga environment to help you relax. I felt so much better after each session and used the breathing techniques she taught me during labour. I would recommend Kierra's classes to every expectant mum and feel sad that I can no longer do pregnancy yoga now my baby is here

Tiffany Simms

I absolutely love the stages of menopause yoga and look forward to it every week. It allows me some much-needed ‘me time’ to relax and focus on myself. I have already learnt a lot about how to exercise to benefit my body and relaxation techniques. The atmosphere is calm and Kierra is a fabulous teacher, there is no pressure from anyone to do anything I may find difficult, would definitely recommend.

Donna Smith

You're a fantastic yoga teacher. I loved our private pregnancy yoga session. It really helped me to relax and enjoy my final stages of pregnancy. Kierra is fantastic!

Rachel Sanders

I really enjoyed Yoga with Kierra when pregnant with my second child. The opportunity for some baby bonding time was very welcome and Kierra created a lovely environment in which to stretch and relax. Kierra tailored her classes to participants’ needs and I enjoyed learning the breathing techniques and relaxation tips.

Ali Clews

Yoga with Kierra is a very relaxing experience and the perfect opportunity for some restorative 'me time'. I would recommend it wholeheartedly

Katherine Bentley

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