Yoga Child's Pose



yoga sessions specifically curated to support women through pregnancy, postnatal recovery and the stages of menopause

After Yoga Class

group classes

thursdays @ 6pm

practicing yoga during pregnancy may help to relieve tired and achy muscles, reduce feelings of anxiety, build and strength to support  pregnancy and prepare for birth

pregnancy yoga

Active Senior Couple

yoga for stages of menopause

group classes

thursdays @ 7:10pm

practising yoga during pre-, peri- and post-menopause may help to relieve stress, promote rest and sleep, and build acceptance around your changing body and lifestyle



hi, my name is Kierra

I first started practising yoga in 2014 and immediately loved the sense of calm I discovered.

Keen to share my experience and passion with others, I started training to become a yoga instructor through BSY. I completed Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga training with the amazing Sally Parkes Yoga in 2020 and launched pregnancy sessions in Broomfield in July 2021. In October 2021 I received a certificate in teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause from Yinstinct Yoga and launched this unique service in January 2022.

My intention with all my sessions is to offer yoga in a way that is suitable for the ever changing female body, promote relaxation, and provide an opportunity to disconnect from your day in a safe and nurturing environment.

Get in touch with me if you’re new to yoga or want to find out more.



I absolutely love the stages of the menopause yoga and look forward to it every week. It allows me some much needed ‘me time’ to relax and focus on myself. I have already learnt a lot about how to exercise to benefit my body and relaxation techniques. The atmosphere is calm and Kierra is a fabulous teacher, there is no pressure from anyone to do anything I may find difficult, would definitely recommend.

Donna Smith - yoga for the stages of menopause